Fret Zealot - It's Like a Real Life Guitar Hero!

Fret Zealot - It's Like a Real Life Guitar Hero!

The Fret Zealot started as a simple Kickstarter project with the goal of helping people learn guitar quickly and easily.  Well - after reaching almost $250,000 in funds, the first versions of the products have been released!

Check out the hands-on review done by our friends over at!

The Fret Zealot comes packed with two pieces - an LED strip that adheres to the fretboard of your guitar and a USB rechargeable Bluetooth connected box that attaches to the headstock of your instrument.

You download an app on your phone, connect them together, and the lights on the fret will now light up showing you which chords you need to hit, as well as which cords you need to 'mute'

We will be curious to see when this launches, and what it will do for people trying to learn to play a new instrument.

Click here to see more information and pre-order your fret zealot!

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