How to Install Maps on Your New GPS

How to Install Maps on Your New GPS

How to Install Maps on Your New GPS

So you just got your new GPS and are ready to go.  But wait!  There are no maps!  You may see something similar to the following screen:

The screen will say something like "Please set Navigation Path", or there may also be a picture of a USB stick or a memory card. 

Don't worry!  By following this simple guide, we will get you up and running with your new GPS in no time.

Things You Will Need:

1)  Your GPS

2)  A computer (windows, mac, or linux)

3)  A USB Cable to plug your GPS into your computer.

Important!  If you have a memory card that came with your GPS, please put it inside of your device beforehand!

Step 1:  Download GPS Software

Please click on the following link and download the file there:

This is a big file and may take a while.  Please be patient!

Step 2:  Extract the GPS Software

Once the file has finished downloading, please locate it on your computer.  You should see something like this:

Please Right Click the file and select "Extract All..."!  If you are on Mac or Linux, simply double-click the file to extract it.
Make sure to push Extract when this screen appears:
Please be patient while it extracts - it can take a while!

Step 3:  Plug in Your GPS

Please now plug your GPS into your computer and make sure the GPS turns on.  Your computer should recognize it as a new device.

Step 4:  Drag the 'navigation_software' folder to your GPS!

Find the folder with your extracted GPS software, and simply drag it to your device.  It will take a while to download it, so please be patient!

The following window should appear (or one similar):

Step 5 (Last Step!):  Select the Navigation Software on Your GPS

After it finishes saving to your GPS, go to your settings on your GPS.  You should see an option called "Navi Path" or "Set Navigation Path" or something similar.

Now, keep pushing on the folders (the first one will have a different name, but it should be 'ResidentFlash' or 'Memory Card' or something similar.  

Then push on the 'navigation_software' folder twice.

Then you will see a file called "Igo primo.exe".  Select that!

Now, your GPS software should be installed and working!
If you have any issues or have any questions, feel free to write a comment!  
Hope this was helpful!


Rajendra K Navalurkar - July 11, 2018

Perfect directions ;)

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