Affiliate Program

Share Our Products - Get Paid in Cash

GENERIX LLC is proud to announce our affiliate program

For every sale you refer to us, you will earn a flat $15.00 commission.  Yes, whether it's a $15 order or a $200 order - you get paid big!  Our average order value is $147.00, which means you are earning an estimated 10% commission on average.  The most popular affiliate program (Amazon Associates) offers only a 4.00% commission, which makes our program almost 2.5 times more lucrative.  Not bad, right?

Want to Get Started?  It's Easy!

  1. Click here to sign up for the program
  2. Use the affiliate software to generate unique links to our product pages.  With the simple tools over at, you can choose several ways to link to from your site
  3. If you generate a sale through one of your affiliate links, you will be paid $15.00 for each respective sale.

Questions?  Comments?

Email us with any questions about our affiliate program --