-- As a practical equiment for your Motorcycle.
-- Engine trouble light reminding.
-- Displaying time.
-- Total travel distance.
-- Waterproof, sun-proof, durable.
-- Easy installation and simple operation.


Product Name: Motorcycle Odometer

Black: positive yellow

Red: battery positive blue/red

Blue: High beam, 12V is controlled Green/Black

Blue and white: fuel signal line

Black and white: sensor signal

Operating voltage: 10V-15V

Speed calibration: 42.5Hz corresponds to 60KM/H

Green: negative sensor

Speed calibration: 166Hz corresponds to 10*1000r/min

LCD screen: 7 colors backlight short press to switch

Voltage: Less than 11.3V undervoltage symbol flashes, higher than 11.7V undervoltage symbol is not displayed

Fuel calibration: E point 98Ω, F point 8Ω

Orange: Left turn, 12V positive control yellow/white

Light blue: Turn right, 12V is controlled Green/Red


1 x LCD odometer

1 x Sensor


--Easy to Install

--High Quality

Keys: Short press the left button to switch total subtotals. In the subtotal state, press and hold the right button for 3 seconds to clear the subtotal. Press and hold the left button for 2 seconds to flash. Short press the right button to switch between metrics and press the left button to switch to the clock. Set, the hour digit flashes, short press the left button to add 1, then short press the left button, the minute digit flashes, short press the right button to add 1, then press the left button to save and exit.

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