Product description

Promnico Cake Turntable


  • Enjoy creating your own cake masterpieces with Friends and Family using the Promnico Cake Turntable!
  • The Promnico Cake Turntable makes it simple to decorate a professional-looking dessert at home.
  • Our Promnico Cake Turntable is made from high quality eco-friendly non-toxic food grade plastic.
  • Non-Slip base offers a 4-inch height from your working space, and can lock to ensure stability when needed.
Detailed Features
  • Raised non-slip base for easy turning
  • Platform rotates in either direction, perfect for left or right handed decorators
  • Platform locks-in-place to ensure precision when doing intricate decoration
  • Non-slip design, molded platform keeps cake in place while decorating
  • Platform and base are dishwasher safe
  • Large 12" platform removes from base for easy cleaning and compact storage
  • Hidden ball bearing track allows for a smooth-turning performance
  • Holds cakes up to 11" with the platform visible, and larger cakes if needed
  • Detachable platform for easy cleaning, storage, and display of cake
  • Save shelf space with its unique storing transformation
  1. Remove product from packaging
  2. Hold the locking buckles on the bottom and push to release
  3. Separate the bottom and the top pieces
  4. Turn over the bottom piece to create a stand
  5. Press on the bottom of the plate to lock it in place
  6. Now, it's time to start decorating!
Diameter: 11.5"
Height: 4"


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