Key Features...

  • High quality PU skin hot-pressing ,high precision molded Silicon parts.
  • All surround combination of quick release for better visual experience.
  • Impeccable upgrade, Excellent technology, Waterproof upgrade.

    Applicable to screen length less than 20CM.
Manufacturer Specifications

  • Optimum Material Folding Portable Design with Unique Technology and Material, Very Lightweight and Portable.
  • The flexible smooth edge technology is beautiful, wear-resistant and with high strength.
  • High end PU press technology comfortable touch feeling like velvet.
  • The size of the rubber fixed sleeve is standard. It fits the screen firmly without damaging the screen.
  • Manufacturer Specifications
  • General
  • Product Name: Remote control Sunshade
  • Color: Black
  • Applicable models: Spark, phantom3, phantom 4, inspire and osmo full range of remote control
  • Product material: PU + silicone (high tear resistance)
  • Fitment
  • Product model: L111, L121, L128, L168, L200
  • L111: suitable for all brand mobile phones with a screen size less than 11.1CM.
  • Package size: 12.5*11.5*1.8CM
  • Packing weight: 63 grams
  • L121: suitable for all brand mobile phones with a screen size less than 12.1CM.
  • Package size: 14*11.5*1.8CM
  • Packing weight: 70 grams
  • L128: suitable for all brand mobile phones with a screen size less than 12.8CM.
  • Package size: 14*11.5*1.8CM
  • Packing weight: 72 grams
  • L168: suitable for mainstream 16.8CM with screen length less than
  • Ipad mini4/ Ipad mini3/ Ipad mini2/ Ipad Mini
  • Millet flat 3/ flat 2
  • Samsung/ Samsung SM-T19C
  • Package size: 19*16.5*1.8CM
  • Packing weight: 143 grams
  • L200: suitable for mainstream 20CM with screen length less than
  • Ipad Air 2/ Ipad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3/GALAXY Tab S2 T891C
  • GALAXY TAB A 9.7
  • ASUS ZenPad 3S 10
  • Package size: 22.5*19*1.8CM
  • Packing weight: 214 grams
  • Package Contents
  • 1 x Remote control Sunshade
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