Key Features...

  • Can detect radio wave, magnetic field, wired or wireless camera equipment.
  • Can detector 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM card bug, GPS locator.
  • Can detect 1.2G to 5.8G wireless camera equipment, professional radio detection device, high sensitivity, adjustable threshold, large range of frequency detection.
  • Can detect the standby state magnetic locator, bug; Easy to use(only switch+sensitivity knob),Sound and light alarm indicator,accurate and reliable.
Manufacturer Specifications


    • Item type:Detector
    • Detect if your car or office is equipped with a wireless eavesdropper or wireless bug.
    • Detect whether the phone is eavesdropped or abnormal (the signal is emitted outside without waiting for no reason).
    • Detect if your car is being installed with GPS tracking, GPS location tracker.
    • Detect your working environment and whether the building has radiation from the rooftop base station.
    • Detect mobile phone text messaging, mobile Internet access, mobile phone switches and call signals.
    • Detect wireless network signals, cell phone base station signals, and field strength of wireless surveillance systems.
    • Detecting whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body.
    • Detecting whether there is strong radiation in the environment called a 'mobile phone killer'.
    • Detect if there is a suspicious radio signal in the environment.
    • Detect even more subtle 5.8GHz wireless camera and wireless monitor signals.
    • Check for wireless cameras in hotels, washrooms, hotels, entertainment venues, locker rooms.
    • Business negotiations, school invigilation sites, factories, military installations or government agencies.
    • Anti-shooting at ATM machines, cinemas, concerts, art galleries or museums.
    • When buying a building, first detect whether there is electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human health.
    • Package Include:
    • 1X host
    • 1X antenna
    • 1X magnetic field probe
    • 1X charger
    • 1X manual
    • Note:
    • The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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